The California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) Is Enforcing A New Ergonomics Standard:
“Hotel Housekeeping Musculoskeletal
Injury Prevention Program” (MIPP)

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The Challenging News

This regulation is here and every lodging establishment in California must comply.

It was enacted July 1 2018 and all must be in compliance in 90 days. By October 1 2018.

It is intended to control the risk of musculoskeletal injuries in Housekeepers.

"Hotel housekeepers have higher rates of acute and cumulative injuries compared to workers in other industries, and data shows those injuries have steadily increased," said Cal/OSHA Chief Juliann Sum. "This regulation requires employers to identify, evaluate and correct housekeeping-related hazards with the involvement of housekeepers and their union representative."

There are specific guidelines and procedures that must be followed. Click here for a copy of the guidelines

We know you are busy with daily operations and have had to shift priorities to address this.  Many hotels are rushing around or frustrated and eager to find an adequate program or training provider who can provide a comprehensive solution—fast!

But instead of seeking an adequate MIPP program, or an adequate training company to fulfill the regulations, how about if you took advantage of this imposed regulation, and found an extraordinary solution that would have a positive impact on your operation?

The Silver Lining

The reality is almost every hotel has been wanting to decrease injuries and improve productivity for years. (The same things that prevent injury also increase productivity, but we’ll discuss that later). In fact many have been trying with little or no success for years

This regulation forces you to take consistent action to identify hazards and improve them to prevent future injury. But if you just do what is necessary to fulfill the regulations, you will get the same results you have had in the past. Too many injuries, poor productivity, and a challenge to have rooms as clean as you want.

Best Performance Systems will help you comply with all new regulations, and at the same time have an impact on reducing injuries and improving productivity exceeding your expectations.

The Solution

Getting you in compliance with MIPP Regulations.

We have customized the Best Performance Housekeeping injury prevention program to specifically satisfy each requirement of this new Cal/OSHA regulation. We have studied it line by line, so you can relax and be assured your hotel will be in full compliance.

  • Housekeepers will feel better
  • Work will seem easier to them
  • They will be far more productive (which will reduce labor costs)
  • Because they feel better and have more strength and endurance, rooms will be cleaner
  • Injuries will reduce saving work comp costs
  • You will be in compliance with the new MIPP regulations

Best Performance has a 12 year history of 100% success in hospitality, with an average client work comp
savings of 50-90%
. And of equal importance, the results are not only sustained, but actually improve year after year.

The housekeeping department of a resort in Carlsbad went from 5 injuries per week to 90 days injury free

A resort client in Palm springs saved $1Million annually in work comp costs for 5 years….so far!

And they went from January 1 to October 24 2016 without a single lost time injury. Unheard of!!

That is exactly what the new regulation seeks to achieve.

Make the choice to do it in an exceptional manner so that your housekeeping department runs more efficiently, your injuries reduce, and your profits improve.

Not only is the Best Performance Housekeeping online course effective and easy to implement and maintain, but it is cost effective and has a money back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

When you purchase our program, you immediately receive it digitally as downloadable documents and training videos. Nothing for you or your supervisors to figure out. Just follow the step by step procedure, and become fully compliant with the new regulation and watch injuries decrease and productivity improve.

Our program is delivered in both English and Spanish.

Our program can be accessed 24/7 on any computerlaptop or mobile device. 

We are a California-based business! We are nearby and available for on-site consultation and live training, if you have additional needs. 

Click the button below to learn all about the Best Performance Systems Housekeeping program, how you can become in compliance with the Hotel Housekeeping Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program (MIPP) and how your hotel will benefit.

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