The “Stop COVID Spread at Work"
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From now until the vaccine ends the pandemic is the most dangerous and it is the most important time to take action and protect your company

Stop COVID Spread at Work Is the most effective COVID solution which will keep your workforce and company healthy.

COVID is a challenge faced by every company in America. New cases and companies closing due to COVID outbreaks is at an all time high.                   3000 companies are closing every day! Vaccines will not solve the COVID problem until at least summer 2021, maybe later.

The many new strains are at least 7 times more contagious and have spread to 60 countries in a few weeks, and are now spreading in america.

In addition, the mutated strains are less  impacted by the current vaccine, and immunity from having the original COVID may not prevent your getting the mutated virus. 


There Is A Solution

The proven solution is to simply do the things we were already doing to keep from being exposed to the virus. The difference is we must be much more consistent and dedicated to safe habits. One of the primary reasons companies are closing due to COVID outbreaks is workers forget what to do, or they know what to do and simply are not using safe behavior. 

 The "Stop COVID Spread at Work" Program is a unique and proven system designed to protect your company from the virus entering...and if a case occurs, you will already have a system in place to prevent it from rapidly spreading into an outbreak. 

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Despite following recommended advice 1000’s of businesses are closing due to a  COVID outbreak and new cases and hospitalizations are at an all-time high

Why is the virus spreading so fast?   
In fact greater than at any time during the Pandemic!

Quarantine fatigue People are tired, lonely, depressed and returning partially to normal living. Shopping, socializing, meeting people outside of their home and not following safety habits at work and at home. We provide a system proven for 15 years to influence people to embrace whatever habits you are teaching.

The Vaccine  This will likely end the pandemic but not until mid summer 2021 or later and people are feeling safe and relaxing safety behavior too soon

Mutant Virus Strains  There are 5 new strains we know of now and there could be dozens. They are at least 7 times more contagious than the original strain, and some of them seem to be less affected or unaffected to the current vaccines.

Incorrect Behavior To Prevent Spread The virus has been steadily spreading and shutting down businesses for months, even before the mutations appeared, because the basic advice does not sufficiently prevent spread.

The issues above are creating challenges, but there is a simple solution. Consistently maintain the behaviors that keep the virus out of your body.                                                 It is simply even more important than before.                                                                           Stop COVID Spread at Work is the only system that addresses and prevents every way that the virus can enter and spread in your business and trains and influences your workers to embrace the safest behaviors daily. Influencing your workers daily behavior is actually the greatest challenge, and we provide the proven solution.  

Here is how we are different from other COVID programs and why we are your best bet to never have an outbreak disrupt your business.


Stop COVID Spread at Work solves every issue that contributes to the spread.

  • It will empower your workforce to eliminate the risks in your business by training and influencing their behavior and guide you to alter building engineering and procedures to suppress viral spread
  • It is an easy and predictable solution
  • We have changed workers behavior to reduce injuries with 100% success for 16 years
  • The same proven systems influence workers behavior to make you “COVID Safe”

Stop COVID Spread At Work
Online Program Overview 

Addresses All Sources Of COVID Transmission

Do your workers share tools? Touch the same control levers? Pass product to the next person for the next process to be applied? Open the same doors? Turn on the same faucets? Pour coffee from the same pot? Breath the air where someone else breathes, spoke, or exerted themselves?

Our programs teach workers and supervisors to recognize the invisible sources of potential COVID transmission and influence simple actions to take to prevent it.

Other COVID prevention programs miss many of the paths of transmission. 

Risk Reduction By Changing Your Employee's Daily Habits 

A significant challenge is influencing workers to embrace new habits.

Other programs just tell people what to do and expect them to do it…but this does not work. People are resistant to new ideas.

 Our programs influence your workers to work COVID safe with Behavior Modification training. A scientific education technique that influences workers to embrace new behaviors

Long-Lasting Behavior Change With Reminders and Mini Training To Reinforce 

Even though our program trains and motivates your workers, it is human nature to return to old habits.

We provide a system of daily mini-trainings to reinforce safe behaviors they learned in the initial trainings. This is done by supervisors showing a 10 second to 2 minute mini training in a group setting or on their smart phone during their normal rounds. This keeps safe behavior top of mind. 

Engineering Solutions

There are simple engineering alterations that will create a building that reduces the possibility of virus transferring between workers. Examples are altering the ventilation system to cleanse the air of floating droplets that may be virus filled. Or altering the flow of peoples movement to minimize close contact at workstations or on pathways.

This important aspect of a system that addresses all potential sources of virus traveling between people is ignored by most COVID programs


Administrative Solutions

We provide a menu of administrative procedures to choose from that will not impact productivity but will reduce the possibility of COVID entering or spreading within the business such as pods of limited workers who work, take breaks and meals together, contact tracing, staggered schedules, communication systems.

The fewer people that interact with each other prevents a COVID positive worker from infecting many causing a widespread outbreak and impacting the business.


We Will Keep You Up To Date Weekly With The Most Relevant and Reliable COVID Information

Information about the changing behavior of COVID, the mutant strain, vaccines, public and workplace regulations, and the pandemic are evolving almost daily.

Our research team  searches the scientific literature and reputable news sources daily for anything that may impact your business.

All important new information is immediately communicated to our clients with suggestions to effectively implement it


What If It Didn't Have To Be This Way?

The virus is spreading and increasing daily because people simply do not know exactly what to do. New cases, hospitalizations, deaths and companies closing due to an outbreak is at an all time high!

The behavior of the virus is predictable and easy to control, even the new mutant strain.

It can only be spread by the respiratory secretions of an infected person entering the body of a healthy person.

The virus can not move on its own. It can only be moved by human behavior.

Stop COVID Spread will train and influence your workers to know where the virus “could” be and how to work efficiently yet prevent getting, giving or spreading the virus. Keeping your company safe and profitable

Stop COVID Spread 
At Work

An online program empowering                                  individuals and businesses to be in control,           so that they will not get, give or spread COVID
in the workplace.

 The new virus mutations are far more contagious than the original strain. This puts every business in greater danger than at any time during the pandemic. Do you want to eliminate the fear of the possibility of a COVID outbreak impacting your workers and your business? We are the only program that addresses every possible means of the virus being transmitted in your workplace, every possible way the virus can enter your workplace, and if the virus does appear in your workplace how to systematically eliminate it and keep it from spreading and becoming an outbreak.

The State of the Art Systems keep the current more contagious mutations from entering or impacting you workers and business

Safe worker habits become part of the fabric of the work culture and you will have healthy productive workers and no fear of an Outbreak 

Yes! I Want The "Stop COVID Spread At Work" Online Program

Hello, I Am Dr. Barry Carlin.  My Mission Is To Help Ensure That Your Workers Are Healthy And Your Business Is Safe From A COVID Outbreak

We are passionate about our mission to provide the knowledge and systems to Stop COVID Spread at Work.

My company Best Performance Systems has had a 100% success for 16 years reducing injuries in large employers by 50-90%.

When the COVID pandemic occurred, I saw the virus spreading greater in businesses each day. One of the problems we saw was despite workers being told what to do, they were not doing it.

I already had the solution from our injury prevention business. Knowledge is useless if it is not applied daily and consistently.

So we developed Stop COVID Spread at Work with the proven techniques to train and influence workers to embrace the safer habits.

To be the best at preventing injury we researched and solved what many thought were unsolvable problems. In Stop COVID Spread at Work we researched and found every possible source of viral transmission, many of which were being ignored, and we developed solutions.

This is why Stop COVID Spread at Work is different and more effective than every other COVID prevention program.

The Amazing Results Our Clients Are Getting

We opened our hotel despite the fact that COVID is still an issue. We trained our housekeepers on new procedures so the rooms would be both clean and sterilized. The goal was obviously so the guests would be safe and they would feel confident and safe. The housekeepers understood and agreed, but we found after a few days they returned to their old habits. The stop COVID spread at work system has increased the COVID safety in our rooms in  ways we did not think of, but more important it influences and reminds our housekeepers to clean every room COVID safe

 Elizabeth Hernandez XXXXXxxxxxx Resort

“The primary product we manufacture at our location is a small and complex computer which is part of the stabilizing system for jet planes. Each item has multiple specialized processes so must be transferred to multiple people with specialized skills. We did not see a way we could do this safely and prevent the chance of transferring virus between our team members. Thank you stop covid spread. We thought we were at the mercy of the virus. By showing us exactly how the virus behaves, how it can travel, and what its weaknesses are, the solution was simple. Then the icing on the cake is how the daily video reminders keep our team members actually doing the covid preventive procedures. Our team members love the reward system when they are caught using good procedures. Thank you. I am sleeping better

J. Murphy Xxxxxxx Aerospace

Our Online Program Includes...

Management Training

In this short video course management will learn how the virus behaves and the specific procedures and systems that  will prevent Covid from impacting their business.

They will learn a menu of things that must be done, and a number of optional actions that can be implemented to have the workers and the company predictably safe.

They will learn exactly what to do to be covid safe. All management must do is assign the tasks to be implemented and our system and support team will train them step by step.

Including but not limited to: Daily worker procedures, Reminder systems, Engineering options, Administrative procedures, Simple  contact tracing, creating limited work and social interaction pods, Screening of entering workers and visitors, containing small covid breakouts preventing company wide outbreaks, customizing viral transmission prevention in the course of sharing tools, consoles, product; what laws must be followed, and updates when new data becomes available.

The principal Stop Covid Spread at work consultants are available to assist management with implementation challenges electronically for 60 days

Supervisor Training

Supervisors will be influenced to implement and maintain this program based on the personal benefits to them, their team and the company; and how easy and non time demanding it is.

They will learn the specific procedures they must do to maintain the program and  influence every worker on their team to apply the safe habits.

Most Supervisors are not trained to be trainers, influencers and educators. The Stop COVID Spread system achieves it for them. Supervisors simply  show a 10 second to 2 minute video mini training either in a group meeting on a monitor, or to 1-3 workers at a time throughout the day at the workers' stations on the supervisors' smartphones.

Each mini training is a review of something the workers already learned, or a new skill based on new data we have learned about covid safety. and will influence the workers to apply the safest behaviors every day.

The video does all the work. All the supervisor must do is show it.

Employee Training

Workers are trained and influenced to apply the COVID  safe habits daily and consistently

Workers learn and are trained and influenced to know where the invisible virus can be moving through the workplace, and how to not get, give or spread the virus.

The Stop Covid Spread preventive techniques go far beyond the basic wash hands, don’t touch face, social distance and wear a mask. Workers learn the many possible paths of transmission in the office or business environment, and how to control them proactively.

The training is video based and can be seen in a group setting on a monitor or each worker can access it on his/her smart phone

Training is Behavior Modification based which influences workers to embrace what they learn.

Reminder System To Integrate New Habits and Practice Safe Behavior Daily 

People are often addicted to their old habits.
Despite workers being trained and influenced to use the safe habits, they are human and many will eventually return to their old habits.

Supervisors show workers a 10-90 second mini training in a group setting or on their smart phone several times per week. Each mini training is a reminder of something they learned in the worker training, or a new skill. 

This keeps the knowledge top of mind and influences the workers to apply it daily and long term. 

This module is a series of short mini training videos

We Also Want To Give You
These AMAZING Bonuses!

Stop COVID Spread at Work is committed to every one of our clients being safe from a COVID outbreak.
In this spirit, we are providing several bonus programs that will support your success.

Bonus #1

Ongoing Support For Employees, Management And Supervisors

Management and Supervisors have unlimited access to the Best Performance consultants via email to answer any questions, assist with challenges, and implementation. Phone calls can be arranged if a discussion is desired.

Employees need to feel confident that they are safe in order to be maximally efficient and productive. Any questions or concerns can be answered as they will have access to a dedicated Facebook group to ask questions or to read the questions that others have asked and the answers.  

This has them feeling respected and contributes towards their compliance with using COVID  safe behavior

Bonus #2

Training For The Employee's Family

The health of every worker's family is an extension of the health of your company.

If a worker is exposed to covid in their home they could bring it into your business. People have quarantine fatigue and despite the fact it is spreading faster than ever they have returned to shopping,  socializing exercising and interacting with others. Because of this the former advice which worked is  not enough any longer.

Providing the best information to the family shows the worker that you care about them, keeps the family COVID safe  and contributes to keeping your company COVID  safe.

This is provided to the workers family as a video program  


Bonus #3

Self Care Stress Management System

COVID has triggered a secondary pandemic--a mental health crisis from the stress of isolation, social restrictions, illness, fear for loved ones and financial challenges.

People under stress are unhealthier, anti social, unhappy, make mistakes and are less productive.

Many that have never had a challenge with anxiety, stress or depression are now in need. But many are too proud or embarrassed to seek mental health care.

Distributing this program allows your workers to use very effective self care for minor mental health conditions. Major mental health challenges are often the result of minor untreated anxiety and stress. 

This program does not replace professional health care, and it advises the worker when and how to seek confidential mental health support.

It is to the advantage of every business to address this massive mental health crisis.

This self care program empowers your staff to be in control of their stress and anxiety and improves the functioning of your business and the happiness of your workers.

It has been used successfully with thousands of workers for 15 years

Very Best Thing Someone Will Get Out Of Taking This Program

It’s a no brainer.

You will not have a COVID outbreak impact or shut down your company.

You will lose worrying if your workers and company will be safe from COVID. You may sleep better and might be a little less stressed.


Because you will be confident that your company will be safe from a COVID outbreak.

You will know all the things that you can take action and do so there is minimal chance that a visitor or a worker will bring the virus into your business.

Your staff will all know how to prevent any invisible virus from spreading between workers while socializing or in the course of their work, and they will be influenced consistently to apply the safe habits.

If the virus does appear, you will have a system in place and know exactly what to do so an occurrence does not grow into an outbreak.

 You will survive and prosper with confidence until this pandemic ends.

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You Have 4 Choices

  1. Do nothing and hope you win at Russian Roulette
  2. Wait for the vaccine and hope you don’t experience an outbreak while waiting
  3. Implement a program that may or may not stop a COVID outbreak
  4. Implement Stop COVID  Spread and your workers and company will be safe Implementing Stop COVID Spread at Work is the smartest investment you can make at this time.  What is it worth to you to not have many sick workers? To not have your business curtailed or even shut down? 10x? even 100x? the cost of this program? Do not gamble with your life and livelihood. And there is a Money Back Guarantee!! 

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Monthly Subscription

$197 USD

Per Location

  • Management Training
  • Supervisor Training
  • Employee Training
  • Ongoing Reminders and Mini Trainings
  • Ongoing Worker and Supervisor Support
  • Self-Care Program For Anxiety and Stress
    (Mental Health is the 2nd Pandemic)
  • Employee Family Training
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Lifetime Access

$997 USD

One-Time Payment
Per Location

  • Management Training
  • Supervisor Training
  • Employee Training
  • Ongoing Reminders and Mini Trainings
  • Ongoing Worker and Supervisor Support
  • Self-Care Program For Anxiety and Stress
    (Mental Health is the 2nd Pandemic)
  • Employee Family Training
Yes! I Want To Reduce COVID Risk
In My Workplace

Premium Quality 100% Risk Free Guarantee!

Stop covid spread At  work is the most comprehensive step by step program that will keep your workers and company safe from a COVID outbreak despite the fact that new cases and companies closing has never been greater and is increasing everyday

There is no other program that addresses every possible way that the virus could enter your business

There is no other program that identifies every possible way the invisible virus can travel between workers and trains and influences them to take action to stop it

There is no other program that is a system so if the virus does appear in your business it will prevent an outbreak and will eliminate it predictably and quickly

This program will surpass your expectations, keep you safe and have you sleeping better at night

If you feel this program does not fulfill your needs we will refund 100% of your money up to 30 days from the date you received the course

We want you to feel confident that you are safe from an outbreak of COVID.  All you have to do is follow the simple proven system. It has worked for every other client and it will work for you too.   

Satisfaction is guaranteed. contact [email protected] for a full refund.

Your Business Before This Program

  • We've had 2 cases of COVID. Will they spread? 
  • Are there going to be more cases suddenly appearing?
  • My workers are nervous and seem on edge
  • We have too many workers out for 2 weeks at a time for quarantine because one sick person interacted with them.
  • I get nervous that my company could get shut down from a sudden COVID outbreak
  • Sometimes worry keeps me up at night

Your Business After This Program

  • We have a few COVID cases but our systems are in place so they will not spread
  • I'm not too worried about new cases showing up. Our systems will catch most of them before they enter.
  • My workers are relaxed and seem happy and productive. They are confident that we are keeping them safe
  • We'll never have too many out in quarantine. Our system of small working pods minimizes widespread contact.
  • I'm confident that our systems minimize the virus entering and totally prevent it spreading. My company is safe. 
  • I get good sleep and wake up refreshed and feeling good

Answers To Your Questions

Let's Get Started Today!


The next few months will be the most dangerous time during the COVID pandemic. The vaccine will likely end it, but the elimination of the danger will not be until next summer at the earliest, possibly later.

In the meantime, there are more new COVID cases, hospitalizations, deaths and companies closing due to an outbreak than at anytime since the pandemic began. And medical science says it is going to get worse.

You have an opportunity to virtually guarantee that your workers and company will be safe. 

It's a no brainer. Stop Covid Spread at Work has addressed every possible way to keep the virus from entering, spreading and impacting your business. 

  And there is a no questions asked money back guarantee. By the way, no one has asked for there money back...because it delivers what it promises.

I invite you to try this online program and see if it delivers what it promises and more.  Click the link beloew for immediate access!

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